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You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked for a burglar, so don’t leave your home router open for the cyber criminals either. We can assist with setting up IT security on both your computer and router. We provide cyber security services for the home user local to Nantwich and home visits by appointment.

  • We won’t bamboozle you with technical talk.
  • We will conduct a check on your home network, and secure the configuration of  your PC’s or laptop*, within your home network.
  • We will ensure that any relevant software updates/patches for security are applied and are up to date in respect of security not operating systems.
  • We will check and assist with the configuration of anti virus software where installed.
  • We will advise on secure access control and how this should be set up on your home network.


This service costs £66 (inc VAT) for a visit to assess and secure:





*Please ensure your operating system is up to date prior to booking this service as failure to do so may incur further costs due to time on site.  Contact Telkeda Ltd if you require further clarification.