Telkeda Ltd provide Information Risk Management services for SME’s, the Health and Education sector, Local Government and also home users in Cheshire and the North West.

Telkeda Ltd is not an IT company and we do not sell security as an add-on to other services.

Telkeda is a Cyber Essentials and IASME GOLD Certified company.

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Telkeda LtdTelkeda LtdRT @ICOnews: We have recently expanded our guidance on Exemptions under the GDPR. days ago
Telkeda LtdTelkeda LtdRT @ArmySgtMajor: A thoughtful and touching tradition started by HM the Queen Mother in memory of her brother Fergus killed in the Great Wa…2 days ago
Telkeda LtdTelkeda LtdRT @NCSC: Don’t panic! We haven’t forgotten about the CCP scheme! days ago
Telkeda LtdTelkeda LtdRT @GCHQ: 🙋‍♀️ | It takes a certain type of person to help keep our country safe. Is that person you?…4 days ago
Telkeda LtdTelkeda LtdRT @Cyber_APMG: Valuing the risk of a cyber attack to your business is a challenge to even the most experienced of professionals. Read our…4 days ago
Telkeda LtdTelkeda LtdRT @ICOnews: Records management for small business means safeguarding people’s personal information and making sure any risk has been reduc…5 days ago
Telkeda LtdTelkeda LtdRT @ICOnews: This month’s newsletter includes the ICO international blog, a call for your views to help build our regulatory sandbox and a…5 days ago
Telkeda LtdTelkeda LtdRT @VeteranOwnedUk: Our new website is now LIVE. Head over to and take a look around. Lots of new functionality s…5 days ago
Telkeda LtdTelkeda LtdRT @NCSC: Wanna join our gang? Share threat information in real time on CiSP... weeks ago
Telkeda LtdTelkeda LtdRT @NCSC: Following today’s exposure of past Russian cyber campaigns, we have published guidance to help mitigate against the tactics they…2 weeks ago

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